Biggest Bass I ever caught

Every fish you could want is laying in wait for your bait.


This is the first time in over 60 years that anyone outside of family and friends have been able to fish at Blackwater.

​With  a membership you can fish as much as you wish. Think of not having to  worry about a place to go fishing or having to ask if you can go  fishing. This day and time more and more people are making their ponds  and lakes off-limits to the average fisherman. We here at Blackwater  welcome you to become a member and have a place you can call your own.

Daily Membership Rate $25 per day & includes use of a boat, canoe or kayak

 If you want to have the privilege of the whole Preserve you can save a ton of money and enjoy all we have to offer. 


Full Membership: Student$25.00 per month Single: $35.00 per month Family: $50.00 per month


  Blackwater Preserve is located on Lott's Creek and is the site of an old  grist mill from the early 1800's. We back water on 200 acres and have  almost every fish you would find in the river. We have blue gill, red  breast, jack fish, war mouth, crappie, bass, and catfish just to name a  few.  

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