Deer, Turkey and Duck Hunting

 We have a very large herd of Deer  that we monitor closely to maintain health so they are able to grow  large antlers. We have many trophy bucks and we do allow some does to be  harvested during the season. We offer Regular stands that require  climbing and two very large and comfortable stands with stairs that may  be accessed by anyone.​​ 


Hunting  has become a very costly sport. That is why as a member you will have  an easy way to go hunting. Without having to call and beg or go to a WMA  just to hunt. We have day-by-day hunting but if you become a full  member your hunting cost is 50% off non member rates. There are hunting clubs out there that charge thousands of dollars a year.

We  are different. We place you on a stand and the amount of time you hunt  is up to you. You decide what you want to pay. The best way is to become  a member and you are able to use the whole preserve for  camping, fishing, bird watching, or just relaxing. Your time is your  time.   

These are just some of the trail cam pictures showing the deer that we have on the preserve. We have movement at all times of the day. We have a ton of deer for your hunting pleasure. 

 When you come  to Blackwater Preserve we want you to be safe and comfortable. Our  trophy blinds are built for comfort and visibility in all directions.  After you hunt out of this blind you will never want to climb a  treestand again. Your comfort is our pleasure. 

Call 912-682-9521 to schedule your hunt. Children 12 & under are FREE

Hunting Rates

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Student Discount 20% off Daily Rate

 Deer hunting non-member:       $50.00 per day  


Doe kill                                               $150.00  


Buck kill 6 points & under            $300.00  

​Buck kill 7 points & up                   $450.00   ​   

Does may be taken only when preserve okays their removal. As well as some bucks that have non regular


Member rates are ​50% off non member rates.    

Members have first pick of stands and there are a limited number of stands per hunting package.   Also members have access to an on-site biologist/guide for hunting questions..

We  are a family oriented hunting preserve and want to make it easy and  convenient for fathers and mothers to bring their children to a  place where the children can experience nature and learn to hunt and  fish. We encourage grandparents to bring out their grandchildren to  teach them how to hunt and fish. Our stands were designed where  grandparents and children will have no problem getting in the stand.  Come out and just watch the deer, turkey and other animals even if you  do not want to kill them. It is worth it to spend that quality time with  your children or grandchildren.

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